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frequently asked questions

Q. it's been a few days since i placed my order.  when is it coming already?!

A. soon, i promise!  i run my shop completely by myself, so it sometimes takes a little longer to complete your order than when you purchase something from a big-box retailer.  check out my shipping page for all the info you'll ever need about when your package will get to you. 

Q. i really want an item that's sold out - will you be restocking it?
A. all my enamel pins and patches will be restocked periodically (except for limited edition brand collabs), so if a style you like is sold out, don't worry!  it'll be back in the shop in a few weeks.  you can also check my list of stockists and see if what you're looking for might still be available from one of my wholesalers. 

Q. how come stuff sells out so fast?
as a small business i can only afford to purchase so much product at a time, which means i often only have 100 or less of any given item.  i restock popular and sold out items as quickly as i can, and i generally announce restock and listing dates on my instagram @saramlyons a few days in advance, so if you're fiending for a particular item i suggest following me there!

Q. i saw on instagram that you designed pop culture themed pins / nail decals, but they're not in your shop - what gives? 
A. as an illustrator i do a lot of freelance work, so occasionally i'll be hired to work on a product for another brand. items designed for other brands are the property of those shops, so i usually can't offer them here.

Q. i saw a product with your "whatever forever" / "best buds" illustration for sale somewhere else.  is it legit?
unless it has my name on it somewhere, then no, it's probably not.  unfortunately this happens all the time and i really appreciate your not supporting counterfeit merchandise.  sometimes it's even available from big retailers that seem reputable, but if my name or branding isn't included somewhere in the listing, the product is almost definitely illegal, and i would appreciate a heads up!

Q. can i buy your stuff in any brick-and-mortar stores or elsewhere online?
A. for sure!  check out my stockists here.

Q. do you offer wholesale?
A. yes!  email me at misslyons@gmail.com for my line sheet. 

Q. can i commission something from you?
A. i do take commissions depending on the project specifics - email me and we'll talk details!