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patch application


1. make sure the item you're going to iron your patch onto is clean!

2. set iron to COTTON (400 degrees) and let warm up for about five minutes.

3. thoroughly iron the area of the item where you'll be placing your patch.

4. place the patch on the item with the embroidered side facing up.  make sure it's exactly where you want it because once you iron it on there's no turning back!

5. place a lightweight towel or cloth on top of the patch and, using a slow circular motion, press firmly with the iron for 30 seconds (DON'T iron the patch directly!).

6. turn the item inside out and iron the backside where the patch is located for 30 seconds.

7. let cool for one minute.  if the edges of the patch can be lifted, repeat step 6.

NOTE: if you don't have an iron or just prefer sewing (like i do!), the iron-on backing will gradually fuse to the garment you've sewn it to when you run it through the washer and dryer.


use straight pins to place your patch, making sure the fabric of the item you're sewing it to is flat and doesn't bunch up.  use matching thread and stitch the patch as close to the embroidered "border" edge as possible.