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why does stuff sell out so fast???

if you follow me on instagram or have checked out my shop before, you might have noticed that i often offer items in limited quantities, or that styles often tend to be sold out.  it's not ideal, but it's how i have to run my business for the time being!  here's why:

sara m. lyons is entirely self-run.  it's just me!  i don't have any employees, investors, or capital.  my business funds itself, but it also funds my entire life.  that means i just can't afford to order products in giant quantities quite yet.

generally when i order product i can only order a few hundred items at a time, so new styles and restocks have a tendency to go quick when they're initially listed.  don't worry though!  i don't have plans to discontinue any pins or patches at this time.  if and when i do decide to discontinue any given style, i will make sure to give PLENTY of advance notice so no one misses out.  but for now - just remember:

if an item is marked as sold out, it won't be sold out forever!      

restocks generally happen every 4-6 weeks, and i always announce preorders, restocks, and new listings at least a couple of days in advance on my instagram (@saramlyons).  so if you missed out on something you're interested in, don't worry - just follow along and i'll let you know when it's coming back!