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ordering & shipping

thanks for shopping at SHOP.SARAMLYONS.COM!

i know you're excited to get your order, and i'm excited to get it to you!  i ship all orders as quick as i can, but since i run my business entirely by myself, it can sometimes take me a bit longer to process orders than it might for a big-box retailer. 

orders are generally processed and shipped out within 3 business days, but occasionally may take longer.  (note: saturday and sunday are not business days!)  if it's been less than a week since you placed your order, just give me a couple more days to finish packing up your items.  if it's been 7+ days since your order date and you still haven't received a shipping notification, please send an email with your order number to misslyons@gmail.com.  i really appreciate your patience!


usa  first class (3-5 business days)* $3.00
usa - orders including HATS priority (1-3 business days)* $8.00
usa priority  (1-3 days) $8.00
international intl first class (varies by location) $6.00
international - orders including HATS intl first class (varies by location) $8.00
*all projected delivery dates shown on this page are estimates provided by USPS and are not guarantees. 



all orders within the US include tracking, with projected delivery within 3-5 business days of ship date for first class shipments and 1-3 business days for priority mail shipments.  all orders are shipped from anaheim, california (92801).  

it can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days for your package information to appear in the USPS system.  please allow at least 24 hours after receiving your shipping notification for your tracking number to show up. 

keep in mind that USPS tracking is a guide, not an exact science.  the barcode on your package’s label is scanned as it moves through various shipping facilities on its way to you, but it’s not uncommon for scanners to miss the barcode, causing tracking information to be insufficiently updated.  please be patient and give your package time to arrive safely to you.  

once i drop off packages at the post office i unfortunately don't have any control over them, so if you have questions about the status of your shipment after it's gone out, talk to your mail carrier or call your local post office to follow up.  if after you've spoken with a USPS rep your issue still isn't resolved, email me and i will make sure you get a replacement or refund.


all international orders include limited tracking but no guaranteed delivery date.  USPS international tracking can take a few days to show up in the system, and not all countries' postal services keep this information updated, so tracking on international orders may be missing or incomplete.  international orders generally take around 5-10 business days to reach their destinations, but can occasionally take as long as 6 weeks.  please note that once packages have left the U.S. i may not be able to track them, and i'm not responsible for mistakes or delays caused by international postal carriers. 

PLEASE NOTE: due to an unfortunate uprise in counterfeiting of designs from SHOP.SARAMLYONS.COM and several other independent designers, suspicious orders may be subject to cancellation.  reasons risk assessment may identify an order as suspicious include but are not limited to the following: orders placed using a proxy server, orders exceeding a retail value of $100, and/or orders including multiple quantities of a single style or design.  

orders may be cancelled at the discretion of SHOP.SARAMLYONS.COM.  if your order is cancelled, you will not be charged and you will receive an email confirming the cancellation.  if you are concerned that your order might be cancelled or you'd like to contest a cancellation, please email me at misslyons@gmail.com. 


refunds or exchanges may be made only in the case of shop error (i.e., you have been sent the wrong item or your item is faulty upon arrival) and are issued on a case-by-case basis.  shipping costs are not refundable.


all orders are sent as quickly and as securely as possible, but unfortunately USPS isn't perfect, and mail does occasionally get backed up or lost in the system.  remember that whenever you order an item online, it runs a small risk of being delayed due to circumstances on the part of the shipping provider, which are beyond the control of the shipper. 

i do everything i can to make sure your order will get to you on time, and all orders placed according to the above guidelines will be dropped off at the post office on schedule, but i am not responsible for mistakes or delays caused by USPS and/or foreign postal services.  once your package is in the care of the post office it's no longer in my hands.  that said, if your order is goes missing and USPS can't help you track it down, just email me at misslyons@gmail.com and i'll do my best to make sure it's replaced or refunded. 

still have questions?  just send me an email!  misslyons@gmail.com