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free anti-racist downloads

here are links where you can download my LET'S PUT NAZI TRASH IN THE GARBAGE WHERE THEY FUCKING BELONG lettering and print as an 8.5 x 11" or onto a sheet of 6 sticky labels.

you can download the 8.5 x 11" artwork in hot pink or black, with or without the word "FUCKING" (in case you want to post in a school or other public place which might be more sensitive to tone), and with the term "KKK TRASH" instead of "NAZI TRASH" because sometimes being specific is very important!

the label sheet is just black, explicit only, and includes 3 NAZI TRASH and 3 KKK TRASH labels per sheet. it's designed for use with Avery 5164 or generic compatible labels (3 1/3" x 4"), six to a sheet.

if you'd like to download everything, here's the entire folder.

these are free for everyone to use, but please be cool and don't commercialize or make product to sell using this work. if you'd like to use this artwork for anything beyond public posting please email me for permission.

8.5 x 11" PDF download here: 

8.5 x 11" PDF download here:

8.5 x 11" PDF download here: 

8.5 x 11" PDF download here:

8.5 x 11" PDF download here:

8.5 x 11" PDF download here:

8.5 x 11" PDF download here:

8.5 x 11" PDF download here:

6 LABEL SHEET PDF (compatible with Avery 5164 labels) download here: